Akshardham is one finest piece of cultural heritage.

One of the tourist's attraction of Gandhinagar andone place which have made name for itself

State of the Art, Convention & Exhibition Center

Mahatma Mandir is Gujarat's new world classfacility for International Conferences & eventvenue located at Gandhinagar

Do's and Don't for Corona Virus COVID19

Do's and Don't for Corona Virus COVID19

Do's and Don't for COVID19 - Corona Virus

Do's and Don't for Corona Virus COVID19

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નોવેલ કોરોના વાયરસ નું સંક્ર્મણ વધુ ના ફેલાઈ તે માટે તકેદારી ના ભાગ રૂપે પ્રજાજનોને અપીલ કરવામાં આવે છે કે કચેરી ની રૂબરૂ મુલાકાત ટાળી, ઓનલાઇન સેવાઓ, ફોન અને ઇમેઇલ નો વધુ માં વધુ ઉપયોગ કરવો અને અતિ આવશ્યક ના હોઈ તેવા સંજોગોમાં કચેરી ની રૂબરૂ મુલાકાત ટાળવી. ઈમેઈલ:, ૨૪X૭ કંટ્રોલ રૂમ નંબર: ૦૭૯-૨૩૨૨૨૭૪૨, ૦૭૯-૨૩૨૨૨૧૦૦, સ્વાસ્થ્ય હેલ્પ લાઈન નંબર: ૧૦૪

Welcome to Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation

The Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation was set up on 16 March 2010 after a ruling by the Gujarat High Court in 2009. Prior to that, Gandhinagar was the only state capital in India which did not have an elected body administrating it. The establishment of a Municipal Corporation to administrate and govern the city introduced municipal taxes to the residents of the city as well as made the city eligible to receive funding from the Government of India under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.

To provide a Healthy, latest information and facts to the citizen of Gandhinagar and the World. To act as a special purpose vehicle best civic standards take the services of GMC to the doorsteps of its citizen. An attractive destination for tourist.