There are lot of places that makes Gandhinagar a beautiful place. All that time Gandhinagar has not been a tourism place. But Gandhinagar is full of places which are great to visit in their own way. Although Gandhinagar is worth watching as it is one of the nicely planned city and will leave you speechless with its smoothing greenery, planned Architecture, beautiful clean roads, trees on roadside, fine-looking circles. Here is the list of much visited places in Gandhinagar which you cannot miss.

Akshardham Mandir

One of the tourist's attraction of Gandhinagar and one place which have made name for itself and city on the world stage. And the place is AKSHARDHAM.

Akshardham is one finest piece of cultural heritage. Its combination of ancient cultural heritage of India mixed modern technological art. You can find the pictures in GALLERY. Its a beautiful monument in the green heart of Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It looks best at the time of DIWALI.

Although Akshardham can be visited anytime of the year but the best time to visit is DIWALI. But if you are weary of crowd then this won't be a right time.

Mahatma Mandir

Following the mesmerizing and spiritual beauty of AKSHARDHAM you can go on to place which would leave you speechless with the idea itself. One of the famous Indian names all over the world the person who is called Father of nation is given a tribute by Iconic museum and structure in the Gandhinagar. This structure is named as MAHATMA MANDIR.

Along with its connection with Gandhi's life, it is called regarded to enhance the tourism in Gandhinagar and Gujarat. This museum is part of central vista(the name of project given by government) which stretches from Gandhinagar Railway station all the way of Vidhansabha.

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Indroda Nature Park

The Indroda Nature Park is situated near the CH-0 CIRCLE ON NATIONAL HIGHWAY NUMBER 8 (NH-8). It's a combination of Deer Park and Dinosaur Park. It is a lovely nature and in a way of unique place visit. Its a great tourist site for Nature lovers and in a way a unique place visit. The Dino Park was basically built by GEOLOGICAL SURVEY DEPARTMENT and is currently managed by GEER (GUJARAT ECOLOGICAL AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION). Various animals are there in DEER park and also various models of different Dinosaurs are on display.

Along with this Dino Park its a Nature Park, so must visit for all Gandhinagar and even for those touring from outside.

The Indroda Nature Park is open for public from Tuesday to Sunday

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