Account Department

Name of the Information Branch of the Accounting Branch of the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation




Shree Chirag Patel
Account Officer
Smt. Jyotsanaben S Rathod
Deputy Accountant
Ms Rachna Vyas
Sub Accountant
Shree Vikas Gajjar
Sub Accountant
Parth Vyas
Sub Accountant
Bhupendrasinh Chauhan
Sub Accountant
Parth Patel
Sub Accountant
Ruchi Joshi
Jr Clerk
Nisha Adeshaniya
Jr Clerk

1. After the verification of the bill files by the Chief Auditor, the verification of the bill file by the Accounting Officer also.

2. In the accounting branch, the bill received by another branch is tallied with the grant register of that branch and the bill is accepted.

3. Note the information in voucher format and note in the bill register.

4. Verification and signature of voucher and bill register by the Accounting Officer.

5. Submit with print voucher after entering voucher in tally.

6. After making a note in the check register, check making operation / signature of the authorized officer on the check.

7. Inform the party to take the check (by phone / post). Prepare information of labor balance / GST / TDS every month. C.A. To send / prepare currency and deposit it in the bank.

Operation of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation – Accounting Branch

1. Office revenue related operations.

2. Operations relating to office expenses.

3. Salary of office employees and related work.

4.  Office bank account operations.

5.  Work related to various grants received by the office.

6.  Office Audit Performance (CA / LF Audit).

7.  The operation of providing different information.

8.  Office Deposit and Grant Amount Fixed Deposit / Timely Transfer to Account.

9.  Performance of audit of files relating to office expenses.

10. Preparation of data of TDS / Labor Balance / GST TDS deducted from the bill and submission of currency / filing of return with CA.

11. Operation of office income and expenditure accounts (accounting operations).


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