Professional Tax

The State Government has assigned the responsibility of collecting business tax to Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation as a Collecting Agent from 01-10-2006. Thereafter, from 01-04-2008, Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation has been entrusted with the task of collecting and collecting taxes as a designated authority. Registration of new taxpayers eligible for professional tax, collection of tax arrears of old taxpayers and new taxpayers is done by the office here.

Professional Tax Operations

Enforcement Certificate Holders (EC Holders) and Registration Certificate Holders (RC Holders) who are eligible for Business Tax are levied and levied by the Professional Tax Department. The person has to take the following action to pay professional tax.

Enrollment Certificate: (Applicable to individuals / institutions (EC) tax rate)

In the extent area of ​​Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation for enrollment certificate all  Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries, Doctors, Architects, Engineers, All Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Insurance Scholars, Insurance Agents and Surveyors, Contractors, Brokers, Commission Agents, Automobile Brokers, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Cable TV. Operator, Film Distributor, Ad Agency, Tuition and Tutorial Institute, Computer Education-Training and Information Institution, Driving School, Marriage Hall, Party Plot, Agandia, Courier, Health Entertainment Club, Stock Broker, Petrol Pump & Service Station, Foreign Liquor Permit Holder, Resident Hotel & Theater, All Public and Company, All Banking Companies, Registered Cooperatives, Estate Agents / Brokers, Video Parlors, Registered Firms, Factory Occupants, Finance Lenders, Transporters And Authorized as well as Statement of the State Government’s Finance Department dated 01-04-2008, Declaration No. (GHN-10) -PFT-2008-S-3 (2) (3) -Th. Class of all remaining persons (except those included in the VAT category). (See entry No. 2 to 10 of detailed list schedule 1) by registering himself for each branch within the limits of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation from 01-04-2008. Rs.2000 is eligible to be due by 30th September at the Civic Center of Village MU Corporation.

Professionals who are included in the definition of dealer under VAT are required to pay annual business tax as under from 01-04-2008.

Traders eligible for registration under Gujarat VAT Act-2006 whose annual turnover is: –




01. If not more than Rs.2,50,000 / -
02. If it is more than Rs. 2,50,000 / - but not more than Rs. 5,00,000 / -
03. If it is more than Rs.5, 00,000 / - but not more than Rs.10,00,000 / -
04. If more than Rs.10,00,000 / -

In order to get the enrollment certificate, the entrepreneur should fill in the required details in Form No.3 and submit ancillary proofs such as copy of property tax bill, receipt, copy of registration under clerk, copy of PAN card, copy of company registration, copy of registration under VAT-GST.

Form No.-3 is available free of cost from any City Civic Center, Tax Branch. Also Form-3 can be downloaded and copied by linking to Profession Tax on

Registration Certificate Holder: (Applicable to Salary / Wage Payer (RC) Tax Rate)

(RC) Registration Certificate In the area of ​​Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, it is mandatory for the employer to employ one or more employees and pay the salary or wages.





Less than Rs.12000/-



More than Rs.12000/-


Professional amendment 13.pdf (2 MB)

Ptact.pdf (122 KB)

Professional Tax Rules.pdf (132 KB)

Give Authority to Municipal.pdf (8 KB)

Employee Tax Rate.pdf (14 KB)

Rate of Professional Tax Rule.pdf (40 KB)

Enrollment Form Gujarati.pdf (250 KB)

Employer registration -PEC Enrollment Form English.pdf (365 KB)

Employer registration -PEC Enrollment Form Gujarati.pdf (224 KB)

Disclaimer.pdf (962 KB)


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