Store Department

Store Branch Operations

  1. Proposals for Public Works / Purchase from respected Member’s Grant – Purchase of Tree-Guard / Purchase of RO Plant / Purchase of Water Cooler / maintaining register.
  2. Procurement operations as required by the office.
  3. 15th August / 26th January celebrations duty.
  4. Office stationery / hoarding / banner contract as well as payment of monthly bills.
  5. The work of giving contract for photography/videography in the programs conducted towards the office / as well as the work done by the elected wing office incumbent as well as the work of paying the bills.
  6. Payment of miscellaneous bills.
  7. Purchase / repair of computer / printer as well as payment of bills.
  8. Necessary renovations in the office building as well as furniture making work
  9. Contract of stop outsourcing manpower as well as payment of bills.
  10. Office requirement book purchase operation.
  11. Regarding telephone (landline) CUG / mobile / in the office as well as the payment of its monthly bill.
  12. Purchase of uniforms of class-4 employees of the office/health branch as well as the facilities available with them and payment of bills.
  13. Uniform procurement operations of fire brigade personnel.
  14. Sector 21 Vegetable Market District Shopping Centre Cleaning Bills Payments.
  15. Issuance of annual contract tenders from the store table as well as payment of bills for advertisements.
  16. Operation of maintaining registers.
  17. Payment of necessary stationery, equipment, purchase, and miscellaneous bills for the offices of the elected wing office bearers.
  18. Work on the grant received from the respected Member of Parliament.


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