Food Safety

Food  safety & Standard  Act-2006 and their Rules & Regulation-2011

This Act applies to the whole of India. ONLINE WEBSITE

  • (1)  The Commissioner of Food Safety has been appointed under Section 30 of the Implementation of this Act.
  • (2) For the implementation of this Act, a Designated Officer is appointed under Section 36.
  • (3) A Food Safety Officer is appointed under Section 37 for the implementation of this Act.

A notification has been issued by the Food and Drugs Commissioner’s Office in the Government Gazette of the Designated Officer and Food Safety Officer for the implementation of this Act. After giving the appointment in the notification, he has to work in the Municipal Corporation and Municipality as per the scope of work assigned to him by the Food Safety Officer and Designated Officer. Accordingly, for the citizens of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation area to get good clean food without any adulteration, temporary Food Vender, Permanent Food Vender and Retailers – Wholesalers and Food Manufacturing can go to Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation area online website – Therefore, after printing the acknowledgement receipt and Form (B) and Form (A) and submitting the required documents along with the required proof in 15 days to the Form and Online Man Receipt to the Physical Corporation, the application fee, Scrutinization to the designated officer’s online account is credited. The application is sent to the food officer to submit the visit report. After the online report of the Food Safety Officer was submitted, the return D. O. The license is then generated and issued by the Designated officer if the fee is paid as per the application document and FSSAI rules.

State Fee License and Registration – If you show an annual turnover below Rs 12 lakh, you have to register and get a license with a turnover above Rs 12 lakh.In case of Manufacturers/ Repacker upto  1MT/Day  fee is Rs.3000,For Upto 2MT/Day Fee is Rs.5000 & For  Above 2MT/Day  Licence Fee is Rs.7500 and Licence will be issued by Central Office.

As well as for the new license in the area of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, the documents are shown online upload all document

For this, the following staff is working in the food branch.

V. D. Rana
Designated Officer
Dr. A.B. Sodha
Food Safety Officer
H.M. Vaghela
Food Safety Officer
Prakashbhai A. Chauhan
Junior Clerk

Complaints under the FSSAI 2006 Act on deficit can be lodged in writing or person with the Corporation Food Branch and the Corporation.

Fruit Store / Restaurant / Manufacturing – Unit (Fruit) / Retailer / Wholesaler No. located in Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation area. Food sample is taken from there every month. And the Food  sample is sent to Rajkot Food and Drugs Laboratory for sterilization. After analyzing the sample in the laboratory, (1) if there is no adulteration, then conform (2) if it is uncertified – (A) unsafe (B) substandard (C) misbranded laboratory report is followed.

If the laboratory report is unsafe, a complaint is lodged in the court after getting the approval of the Commissioner Food and Drugs Control Administration , Gandhinagar.

If the laboratory report (1) is substandard (2) misbranded, then after getting the approval of the Designated officer, a complaint is lodged in the Adjudicating Officer Additional Collector 28 / Criminal Branch. 

A summary report has been posted on the website for public information as per Food Safety and Act 2006. The fee structure and the list of documents are available on


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