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Swachh RWAs welcome Goddess Lakshmi Ji on Dhanteras

‘Scrubbing of house floors, dusting curios and showpieces, deep cleaning of upholstery and furniture,
beautification of the entire household with lights, flowers, colours and incense…’
The scene described above is customary for every Hindu household across the country during the
auspicious season of Deepawali. As per century-old tradition, we clean, beautify, and decorate our
homes to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi. According to folklore the Goddess enters our clean homes
and showers us with blessings as well as riches.
Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation took the opportunity of the ongoing festivities, to appreciate select
RWAs following good sanitation and proper waste management practices as part of Swachh Ranking,
hence, aligning it with the overall concept of “Swachh Gandhinagar”, under Swachh Survekshan
On 13 November 2020, engaging the local community, the idea of cleanliness was propagated as
young girls from the community adorned as Goddess Lakshmi, entered the selected swachh RWAs
with the sound of drums and shower of flowers. The procession took place in the societies across in
the sectors – 6 (Bhuneshwar Society), 20 (Nandanvan Society) , 23 (Virat nagar Society) , 28
(Kolwada Nagar Society) and 29 (Jai Shri Krishna Parivar Society), and certificates were presented to
Society Chairmen as a token of appreciation.
Through such activities, GMC seeks to convey that the idea of swachhta must include areas beyond
the bounds of one’s home. Pressing that citizens of our city are accountable for the collective
cleanliness in their neighbourhoods, Swachhta cannot be confined only to our homes and private
spaces. In addition, maintaining public hygiene and cleanliness all-year round is primal, to ensure
Goddess Lakshmi’s blessing across the year not just during the season of Deepawali.

Last modified: 21/11/2020

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